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Welcome to Virtual Teamers!

We want to tell your stories. We want to let people who work in virtual teams know that they are not alone. Your stories can help them and we want to have you share them.

How is this done? Well register to become a contributor first. We will moderate all new users so be prepared to share your linked in profile with us before you are added as an official contributor. As a contributor we want you to be able to toot your own horn as well. Share some information (and pictures) about yourself.

This is a new project and it is in its VERY early stages. We are in the process of:

  • Pulling together virtual teamers from around the world
  • Pulling together virtual team leaders from around the world
  • Adding some interested and interesting people/experts/talent to build the site
  • Figuring out details like design, content, focus and all that happy jazz.

We need help and we welcome people who want to contribute. More details will be added over time. 

We want to tell a story or share a collection of stories and piece them together to produce a site that tells you the how, what where, and why virtual teams are so awesome as well as a challenge to many of us.

As we piece things together, please be patient. If you want to help out, sign up and we will get in contact with you. Be prepared to share your linked-in profile information with us. Why? Well, we want the best people out there to help out and people that would be willing to spend some time to help build the story(ies).

Since we are starting up, we DON'T want the spammers, the trolls, and the psychopaths here. We are building a community of thought, knowledge and sharing.

Thank you and check back soon!

Ed Rogers

Site Administrator Foot in Mouth

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